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Everything in the field of quality assurance in the metalworking industry

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Strengthen your competitive position with our welder qualifications and welding method qualifications

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With our services we focus on all companies in the engineering, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. We work for:

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"Thank you for the great cooperation, hopefully we can work together again on a project in the future."
"I am very satisfied with the men from Weldmij. Hard-working workers with good knowledge."
"Employees Weldmij sense situations very well. Hard-working workers, good commitment and knowledge. Employees Weldmij do what they say and say what they do. Mr. would like to have a number of employees back together on his project."
"The speed is going well, agreement regarding the qualification went quickly and the certificates have also been received."
"Hopefully we can work together again on a project in the future."
"Everything piccobello for each other very satisfied with Weldmij employees."