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Inspired by quality

Quality is all about delivering what the client asks of you! Not less, but certainly not more either. By investing in quality, considerable costs savings can be achieved.

In the field of consultancy, we specialise in giving advice and support to companies with questions and problems related to quality management of all aspects of welding technology.

Weldmij can bring your quality system to a higher level. We have seen the quality of our clients’ products improve, which has also increased the number of contracts they are awarded.

Knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer

We go further than just giving advice and answering questions. We bring your knowledge to a higher level. We ensure our basic knowledge of welding technology also becomes your basic knowledge. And us? We’re always available to answer any additional questions.

We ensure our knowledge is maintained and expanded through training, attending seminars, and holding memberships. Our technicians are individually tested and certified by the Dutch Institute for Welding Technology (Nederlands Instituut voor Lastechniek, NIL).