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Welder Performance Qualifications

Welder Performance Qualifications, the basis for the quality of welded products!

The certification of welders and the correct maintenance of welder performance qualifications are essential for the quality of your welding work. The quality of this work is largely determined by the skilled worker holding the welding torch, or operating the welding equipment.

The standards applying to welder performance qualifications have changed significantly since 2004. Since the ratification of EN-ISO 9606-1 in 2013, major steps have been taken in relation to areas of coverage and the choices for maintaining these certificates. This new European standard adopts a great deal from the American AWS and ASME design codes in particular, which explains the addition of the prefix “ISO” in contrast to the withdrawn EN 287-1.

EN-ISO 9606-1: 2017 is now a reality. While there are no technical amendments, an annex has been appended that ensures this standard can also be used for PED purposes.

Unfortunately, we have been waiting a considerable time for a new release of EN-9606-2 from 2005. The many aluminium welders in our customer base will likely be able to reap benefits from this. We are monitoring this situation for our clients!

The choice of test pieces determines which areas of applicability apply to a qualification. Our welding technicians’ many years of experience ensure you have a greater area of applicability with fewer qualifications. Choosing the correct extension option can also lead to considerable savings. The administrative workload associated with maintaining welder performance qualifications can consume a great deal of time. Weldmij has developed a software package, which can completely remove the burden of carrying out laborious administrative activities. For more information, please see the page about ARC.

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We are experienced in qualifying welders according the following standards and codes:

  • EN-ISO 9606-1 – u/i 9606-5
  • EN-ISO 14732
  • EN-ISO 17660-1 and 17660-2
  • AWS D1 series

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