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Welder qualifications, the basis for the quality of welded products!

Welder qualifications, the basis for the quality of welded products!

Certifying welders and properly maintaining welder qualification certificates are essential for the quality of your welding work. The quality of your welding work is largely determined by the skilled professionals who hold the welding torch or operate the welding machine.

The standardization in the field of welder qualifications has been quite active since 2004. Since the adoption of EN-ISO 9606-1 in 2013, significant progress has been made in terms of coverage areas and choices for maintaining these certificates. This new European standard largely takes over from the American AWS and ASME design codes, hence the addition of “ISO” compared to the old EN 287-1.

In the meantime, EN-ISO 9606-1:2017 has become a fact. No technical issues have been changed, an appendix has been added which ensures that this standard can also be used for PED purposes.

Unfortunately, we have been waiting for a revision of EN-9606-2 from 2005 for a considerable time. The many aluminum welders in our customer base will probably benefit from this. We keep an eye on this for our customers!

The choice of test pieces determines which validity ranges apply to a qualification. The years of experience of our welding technicians ensure that you achieve a larger validity range with fewer qualifications. Choosing the right extension option can also result in considerable cost savings. The administrative burden associated with maintaining welder qualifications can take a lot of time. Weldmij has developed a software package that fully relieves you of cumbersome administrative tasks. For more information, you can visit our ARC page.

For a free consultation, please contact Weldmij. We have experience with qualifying welders according to the following standards and codes:

  • EN-ISO 9606-1 to 9606-5
  • EN-ISO 14732 EN-ISO
  • 17660-1 and 17660-2
  • AWS D1 series

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