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What is ARC?

The animation below gives you a clear view of what ARC can do for your organisation. You can then read what this all means in detail.

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ARC is first and foremost a database for storing your welder performance qualifications. Every certificate, regardless of the standard, fits in the ARC “cloud”. The database is built on Azure servers from Microsoft, which have an uptime guarantee of 99.5%. This means that your certificates can be viewed on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Extensive search engine

ARC has a powerful search function. Are you looking for the one welder in your file of around 100 employees who is qualified for SMAW? Type in the process number, and you will see a clear summary of all his/her certificates. Click on export to download the same summary into Excel! It’s not only possible to select based on the process – every separate essential variable on the certificate can be selected. You can search based on name, number, standard or validity: ARC will find it!

Maintaining certificates

Where our competitors are content with a message, ARC goes further! Two months before the expiry of the certificates, you are given the opportunity to confirm this. You receive a weekly e- mail containing an easy-to-read summary of the certificates that require action. As the responsible welding co-ordinator, have you carried out visual inspections of the welding carried out by your welders? With a single click, ARC signs off the confirmation list for you; it also generates a visual inspection report that complies with all the requirements of the standards. In addition to being the fastest solution by far, you can always choose to supply external documentation. Do you want to add NDT reports you have collected yourself during fabrication? No problem!

Not qualified to carry out the visual inspection? Weldmij can offer you the “Visual Inspector” training, so you can become qualified. Would you prefer not to carry out the confirmations yourself? Not a problem either! Weldmij is happy to visit you to carry out all required actions. If you have chosen option B for the certification in accordance with EN-ISO 9606-1, the supporting documents must be assessed by an independent third party every two years. In this case, ARC can also support you step-by-step during all required actions, and can also indicate which documents must be supplied to the third party. ARC supplies all required evidence to Weldmij’s welding technicians in the form of NDT or DT reports. They then check and correct this if required. Weldmij then supplies the required evidence to the independent third party for approval via ARC.

All the documents remain digital throughout the entire process, and are also signed digitally by all parties. No paper is required, and everything remains unambiguously traceable.

What now?

Are you already convinced? Great! Then download the intake form here. Complete it and return it to: arc@weldmij.com and we’ll be in contact. We will plan an appoint with you to record the status of your welder performance qualifications. We will then enter your welder performance qualifications into ARC, and you will receive your login details by e-mail. Do you still have some questions? Don’t hesitate to ask via arc@weldmij.com or by calling +31 (0)512 524008.

What does ARC cost?

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