What is ARC?

The above animation provides a bird’s eye view of what ARC can mean for your organization. Then you can read in detail what this all entails.


If you want to evaluate the products you have purchased during and after manufacturing, you can use us as an independent and proactive inspection agency. In addition to the practical and theoretical execution of the inspections, we also check the final documentation, so you can be sure that everything is well organized. By performing our inspections before, during, and after the product is made, we prevent possible imperfections from being overlooked. This way, we ensure that you don’t face any surprises or high repair costs.

Extensive search engine

ARC has a powerful search function. Are you looking for that one welder among your file of about 100 employees who is qualified for electrode welding? Type in the process number and you will get all his/her certificates displayed clearly. Click on export and you can download that same overview in Excel! Not only a selection by process is possible, but each individual essential variable of the certificate can also be selected. On name, number, norm, or validity; ARC finds it!

Alertec uitzendbureau heeft eind 2017 samen met Weldmij een succesvolle testperiode doorlopen:
"Met alle certificaten in onze database verwachten we met ARC meer dan 500 manuren per jaar te besparen."
John Doe

Maintenance of certificates

Where competitors stop at a notification, ARC goes further! 2 months before the certificates expire, you have the opportunity to confirm them. You will receive a weekly email that clearly shows which certificates require action. Have you, as the responsible welding coordinator, performed visual inspections on the welding work of your welding personnel? With one click, ARC will sign the confirmation list for you and generate a visual inspection report that meets all the requirements of the standards. In addition to being by far the fastest solution, you can always choose to provide external documentation. If you collect NDT reports during production that you want to add, no problem!

If you are not qualified to perform the visual inspection, Weldmij offers you the “Visual Inspector” training to be able to do so. Don’t want to do the confirmations yourself? Also not a problem! Weldmij is happy to come to you to organize any necessary actions.

If you have chosen option B when certifying according to EN-ISO 9606-1, the proof must be reviewed by an independent third party every 2 years. Again, ARC guides you step by step in every necessary action and also indicates which documents should be provided to the third party. ARC provides all evidence in the form of NDT or DT reports to the welding technicians of Weldmij. They check these and correct them if necessary. Then Weldmij submits the evidence for approval to the independent third party via ARC.

Throughout this process, all documents remain digital and are digitally signed by all parties. No paper is necessary and everything remains unambiguously traceable.

What now?

Are you already convinced? Great! Then download the intake form here. Complete it and return it to: arc@weldmij.com and we’ll be in contact. We will plan an appoint with you to record the status of your welder performance qualifications. We will then enter your welder performance qualifications into ARC, and you will receive your login details by e-mail. Do you still have some questions? Don’t hesitate to ask via arc@weldmij.com or by calling +31 (0)512 524008.

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