Welding Certificate

Welding Certificate

The field of welding technology is constantly evolving due to (international) developments. Both the quality of welded joints and the skills that welders must possess are constantly changing. The welding certificate proves that the welder meets the quality requirements of the welding industry.

Welding Certificate: Proven Compliance with Quality Requirements

Certification means declaring that a welder has proven to meet the requirements. The welding certificate demonstrates that a product, organization, or individual complies with the quality requirements applicable to the welding industry. The welding certificate is necessary in various areas. Certification can be applied wherever welding takes place. This means that welders can be certified, as well as welding methods. Entire companies can also be certified as a whole for welding activities.

Different Norms or Specifications

Where a construction product in Europe falls under EN 1090-1 and is manufactured according to EN 1090-2, an offshore construction will be certified under, for example, DNV or Lloyd’s. Each application standard or specification refers to its preference or option for certifying welder and/or welding method. There are also significant global differences, such as the specific AWS series from America and (EN) ISO, which can have worldwide or European applicability.

We have experience in qualifying welding methods according to various standards and codes: EN-ISO 15610, EN-ISO 15611, EN-ISO 15612, EN-ISO 15613, EN-ISO 15614 series, EN-ISO 17660-1 and 17660-2, AWS D1 series, ASME IX, ASME B31.3, Lloyd’s Rules, BV Rules, DNV Rules, DNV-OS-C401, Directive Design of Structures ROK (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), and many customer specifications.

Welding Methods: Comprehensive Analysis

Proper support in the certification process is crucial. We assist you in the path towards obtaining the welding certificate. We have extensive knowledge and experience with norms, allowing us to analyze the important parameters and coverage areas that are applicable. This smart preliminary inventory will certainly pay off later.

Weldmij: The Path to Certification

We distinguish ourselves by paying attention to preparation and providing information throughout the certification process for the welding certificate. In the dynamic world of welding technology, we offer the right guidance through experienced welding technicians to meet the specified requirements. Want to know more about what we can do for you?

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