Welding Procedures

Welding Procedures

Welding requires experience: it is a specific technique for joining materials together, ensuring both strength and durability. A welding procedure is different from a welder qualification. A welder qualification is specific to an individual, while a welding procedure is linked to the company, a company certification. With a welding procedure qualification, the mechanical properties of a joint are ensured.

What is a welding procedure?

To ensure that a welded joint possesses acceptable mechanical properties, it needs to undergo destructive testing. However, this is not desirable for the final product. Therefore, prior to production welding, welding procedures are qualified. During a welding procedure qualification, a test piece is welded, essential parameters are recorded, both non-destructive and destructive testing are performed, and if the results are acceptable, a certificate is issued. This certificate and all the underlying documentation form the basis for instruction to the welder: the welding procedure specification.

International quality requirements for welding procedures

An increasing number of companies are required to meet international quality standards. Additional requirements may also be imposed by clients regarding mechanical and geometric properties. Demonstrating that the required mechanical properties can be achieved is possible through a well-thought-out welding procedure qualification.

Expertise in welding procedures

We only work with certified and qualified employees who have knowledge of various welding procedures. Additionally, we have experience with welding joints and utilize this expertise for the benefit of our clients. Want to learn more? Read about us on our website.

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