Weld- & QC engineering

A good preparation is the foundation for your project

Our weld engineers, or welding specialists, ensure the quality of the welding. They provide advice on the applicable standards and welding methods within your project. In addition, they indicate which welding inspections and procedures are required. They set up the quality service and manage it. This progress and quality control is well documented through:

  • Welding plans;
  • NDE plans;
  • Fabrication plans;
  • Inspection and Test Plans (ITP or TIP);
  • Traceability per welding joint (full traceability);
  • Reports (NDE, DO, Heat Treatment and Coating Reports).

In short: with our welding specialists, there is overview and you and your client know that your project is in good hands!

QC activities

In addition to drafting welding, NDE, fabrication, and inspection plans, we are happy to assist you with the following QC activities:

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