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The field of welding technology never stands still. (International) developments ensure that the requirements placed on both the quality of the welds and the skills of the welders are constantly changing. In this dynamic world, Weldmij offers professional guidance in obtaining the required certificates.

Through welding procedure qualifications and welder qualifications, you can demonstrate that you meet the quality requirements. These qualifications are issued by independent certifying bodies.

Customized and guarantee

We distinguish ourselves with our attention to preparation and information provision during the certification process. When developing the welding tests, we take into account your wishes and the manual dexterity of your employees. This allows us to provide customization and guarantee that the content of the certificate is applicable to your activities. The coverage areas are also optimally chosen for your future projects.

“Joining experiences”: Weldmij has experience with welds and uses this experience to the advantage of its clients!

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