Welding Procedure Qualification

Demonstration of the quality of your welding work!

More and more, companies are required to demonstrate that they meet international quality standards. Your client may also have additional requirements regarding the geometric and mechanical properties. By means of a well thought-out welding procedure qualification, you can demonstrate that the mechanical properties demanded are actually achieved.

Comprehensive analysis of the required welding methods

Weldmij can support you in the certification process. Based on extensive knowledge of standards and experience, we analyze in detail which essential parameters and coverage areas are applicable to you. Thinking carefully beforehand about the type of material and geometry of a test piece can be an advantage with regard to future welding activities. Qualifying for current activities with the aim of also using these qualifications for future expansion of your activities.

Insufficient or excessive heat management during welding of the test pieces can result in rejection or unnecessary preheating during production.

A smart inventory in advance pays off doubly later!

Weldmij completely relieves you during a qualification process.

  • Advice and a clear offer;
  • Planning;
  • Determining and checking the requirements for test pieces;
  • Designing the preliminary welding procedure description;
  • Contact with the certifying body;
  • Registration of the essential parameters during the test welding;
  • Execution of Non-Destructive Testing;
  • Execution of Destructive Testing;
  • Evaluation of the results;
  • Requesting qualification certificates.

We have experience in qualifying welding procedures according to the following standards and codes.

  • EN-ISO 15610
  • EN-ISO 15611
  • EN-ISO 15612
  • EN-ISO 15613
  • EN-ISO 15614 series
  • EN-ISO 17660-1 and 17660-2
  • AWS D1 series
  • ASME B31.3
  • Lloyd’s Rules
  • BV Rules
  • DNV Rules
  • DNV-OS-C401
  • Guideline for Design of Artworks ROK (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
  • Many customer specifications

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