Focused on quality

Whether it’s creating welding/quality plans or conducting quality controls, we have experience in providing the right project-based input. We go beyond just providing staffing services! Our QA/QC engineers and welding technicians are eager to use their knowledge and experience to ensure a project’s success within the specified timeframe. We have demonstrated to many national and international companies that Weldmij adds value to their projects.

Always a Solution

We never say no. Although our specialists are certified and experienced, there may be instances when they do not have the necessary expertise to answer a technical question. In such cases, our team of specialists is available to assist. We will do everything in our power to steer your project in the right direction and confidently claim that we always find a solution while prioritizing the interests of our clients. Interested in learning more about our capabilities? Check out our areas of expertise!

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Our Expertises

Product inspections​

Always get the quality you pay for


Receive Consultancy at location​

Weld- & QC engineering​

Your project is always in good hands with our dedicated Weld- & QC engineers​

Welding supervision/coordination​

At Weldmij, we strive for the best quality