Project support

Taking the quality of your project to a high level

With project support, we provide advice on site. We are part of your project team. We give you the tools to get started with designing and executing mechanical engineering projects. You can consult us on applications of base materials, welding consumables, welding design, standards, corrosion and metallurgy.

Do you need more hands during the execution? Then we search and find the right technicians for your project! Are you looking for someone who can manage fifteen welders while keeping an eye on quality? Then we delve into our team and network to see who can best fulfill the role of this foreman. This certified and experienced employee will work with you to make the project a success. This way, we support you with progress and quality during the realization of your project! The use of (non-productive) supervisors/inspectors is therefore limited.

Independent and knowledgeable

Our specialists are independent. This is a must, because it allows you to be clear with your clients and there will be no misunderstandings during execution. If a conflict arises between producer, designer and end user about quality, we can act as an independent party.

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Weld- & QC engineering​

Your project is always in good hands with our dedicated Weld- & QC engineers​

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