Inspired by quality

Quality is delivering what the customer asks of you! Nothing less, but also nothing more. Substantial cost savings can be achieved by investing in quality.

In the field of consultancy, we focus on advising and assisting companies with questions and problems regarding quality management with regard to all aspects associated with welding technology.

Weldmij takes your quality system to a higher level. We see the products of our clients improve in quality and with it, the orders they are awarded.

Knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer

We go beyond just giving advice and answering questions. We lift your knowledge to a higher level. We ensure that our basic knowledge of welding technology becomes your basic knowledge. And for us? We are always available for answering additional questions

We ensure that our knowledge is maintained and expanded by means of schooling, training, attending seminars etc. Our technicians are individually tested and certified by the Dutch welding society (NIL).

More information?

Consultancy Department
+31 512 524 008

Our Expertises

Advice and support

Advice on materials such as choice of materials, connection technology, storage or repair instructions

Business certification​

Get the right certificates​

Document assessment​

Support in assessing applications​

Standards, specifications, legislation and regulations​

We help you to comply with all laws, standards and requirements.​