Welding certification

Welding Certification

The welding technology specialism is constantly changing based on serveral (international) standards. Several European and American standards demand a certain quality on welded joints and on the welders skills. By Procedure Qualification Records and Welders Performance Qualifications you can prove that you comply to all quality demands.

Weldmij offers professional guidance in getting the needed welding certification. We assist you during the entire proces and we integrate all your wishes and demands in the welding certification.

* PQR – Procedure Qualification Record. These are company-bound qualifications with which an organisation proves that it has ‘in-house’ technical welding knowledge for the joining of steel. PQR’s are valid within the qualified norms and do not expire (yet).

* WPS – Welding Procedure Specification. This is the project-specific manual for the welder. This contains, amongst others, the welding parameters which the welder must observe. The WPS is derived from the PQR.

* WPQ – Welder Performance Qualifications. With this, a welder can prove his skill. The trial weld is derived from a WPS. Upon achieving a good result, the welder receives a personal certificate. This certificate expires and will therefore have to be kept up to date.