Welding supervision

With the increase in regulation, the welding co-ordinator function is becoming ever-more significant. It is important to realise that responsibility for the welding co-ordination lies solely with the manufacturer. The manufacturer must conform to the standard and must, therefore, ensure that a welding co-ordinator is appointed.

Welding supervision is the key to achieving the desired quality of the welded product, because welding co-ordination personnel are responsible for the measures related to the welding production. The proposed tasks and responsibilities of the welding co-ordinator have been recorded in EN-ISO 14731. For work governed by the new EN 1090, the drafting of an IIW certified welding co-ordinator is mandatory. We have certified and experienced welding co-ordination personnel at our disposal. We can provide the welding co-ordination knowledge levels listed below on a project basis.

Weldmij – EN-ISO 14731 welding co-ordination personnel

  1. B – Basic knowledge – certified IWS
  2. S – Specific knowledge – certified IWT
  3. C – Comprehensive knowledge – certified IWE