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Welding Procedure Descriptions for Companies

A welding procedure description, also known as a WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) or LMB (Las Methode Beschrijving in Dutch), is a written instruction for the welder. It provides all the necessary information to create a sound weld joint. The WPS is based on a Welding Coordination Specification (LMK), which, if followed correctly, ensures the mechanical properties of the weld. Along with welder qualification, welding procedure qualification, and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), the welding procedure description is an essential element in ensuring welding quality.

Analyzing the Required Welding Procedures

To determine the needed WPSs, it is important to assess the scope: what needs to be welded and how will it be done? This includes considering the process choice, which is influenced by accessibility and required volume of the joint. It also involves considering the various materials used in a structure and never forgetting the execution specification that is based on the assumptions from the design.

Once it is clear what is needed, we evaluate what welding coordination specifications (LMKs) are already available. If additional ones are required, we design the most representative and efficient test pieces for qualification. The final welding procedure description must meet the specified requirements while being understandable and providing the appropriate instructions.

Example of a Welding Procedure Description

In the field, at Weldmij, we often come across highly creative welding procedure descriptions that sometimes miss their purpose. For most activities under the common EN-ISO standards, the format provided in EN ISO 15609-1 is often more than sufficient. It contains all the necessary information to realize the welded joint and is clear and readable for the welder.

“Simplicity is the hallmark of true excellence.”


Specialists in Welding Work

At Weldmij, we possess extensive knowledge of welding procedure descriptions because we ensure that our welding specialists and weld engineers are always up-to-date with the latest developments in welding procedure qualifications and welder qualifications. Our specialists prepare welding technical files and plans to achieve the desired end result from the client. With Weldmij, you have a valuable source of knowledge in your hands, enabling you to successfully complete any project.

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