Welding Coordinator

Welding Coordinator

A welding coordinator is responsible for welding and all welding-related activities within the company. With the growing demand for high-quality welding in the welding industry, the role of the welding coordinator is becoming increasingly important.

The tasks of a welding coordinator

The key to achieving the desired quality of a welded product? That’s good welding coordination. Welding coordinators are responsible for all measures concerning the quality of welding productions. Tasks range from assessing requirements and developing procedures, conducting welding work inspections, inspecting welded structures, to compiling delivery documentation. In addition, the coordinator oversees the smooth progress of the work.

The Key Position of the Welding Coordinator

As a producer or manufacturer of welded products, you are responsible for measures taken during welding projects to ensure the quality of welding production. In other words, you must meet the standards set by the welding industry. Engaging a welding coordinator is not only beneficial but, in many cases, also mandatory. Does the work fall under EN 1090 or NEN-EN-ISO 3834? In that case, welding coordinators are also required.

Ensuring the right welding production quality

The role of the welding coordinator is essential in achieving both the required and desired quality. These coordinators are responsible for the measures that need to be taken to ensure quality. All tasks and responsibilities of the welding coordinator are also defined in EN-ISO 14731.

Weldmij welding coordinators: quality and assurance

Our welding coordinators possess specific norm knowledge and experience in the field of welding technology. They also draw on the extensive knowledge of the Weldmij team. With this unique combination of factors, you can be assured that your project will proceed with high quality. Interested in engaging a welding coordinator from Weldmij? Please feel free to contact us.

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