Offshore Welder

Offshore Welder

An offshore welder carries out their work at a considerable distance from the shore. These locations are typically focused on exploration and/or the extraction of oil and gas, such as on an offshore drilling platform. The work of an offshore welder is adventurous and presents numerous challenges. Our specialists are well-equipped to handle various issues related to welding certifications, consultancy, and all (operational) welding activities within offshore projects.

Engaging a Welding Engineer or Welding Specialist

To meet the high requirements set by stakeholders, conducting quality controls is essential. Our welding engineers or welding specialists ensure that the quality of the welding methods used by offshore welders is always guaranteed. We achieve this by providing effective advice on the welding methodology for the project at hand. The progress and quality of the welding are documented in the following:

  • Welding plans
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) plans
  • Fabrication plans
  • Inspection and Test Plans (ITP or TIP)
  • Traceability per weld joint (full traceability)
  • Reports (NDT, DO, Heat Treatment, and Coating reports)

Checking the welding work and maintaining clear documentation creates peace of mind and overview in an otherwise hectic environment. This allows your company to focus on operational matters while we ensure that the welders and welding work meet the required qualifications and skills to comply with all European guidelines.

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Quality Control for Offshore Welding

We can contribute to various quality control (QC) activities to ensure the required level is achieved. These activities may include project guidance, developing and performing welding procedure qualifications, or preparing welding procedure specifications. We also offer services for conducting/supervising welder qualifications. Interested in exploring further possibilities? Feel free to contact our project department without obligation.

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