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Business certification

We unburden you completely in obtaining your company certification

With a business certification, you can demonstrate the quality and capacity of the organisation to supply products that comply with the agreed requirements and/or statutory provisions. These certificates are issued following an audit by a Certifying Body. In case of pressure equipment (PED) or construction products (CPR), the Certifying Body is a Notified Body (NoBo).

We primarily specialise in business certification where welding technology is the key element of the production process. Welding technology is a complex field, and is governed by many standards. We are happy to help you set up and achieve these certificates so that your clients can work with you in full confidence.

Customized business certification

We offer professional support in achieving business certification. We guide you through every step of the process, and stand out due to the level of knowledge and attention that we devote to the preparation. We carry out an analysis of your organisation and procedures. We also take account of your wishes, requirements and expectations – within the limits of the standard. This allows us to supply bespoke solutions.

Certification types

We have accumulated extensive experience with the following certification types. Of course, we can also support you with other certification types.

  • ISO 3834-2
  • EN 1090-1
  • PED 2014/68/EU module
  • ASME U/UM stamp
  • DIN 2303
  • VCA */**/Petrochemical
  • EN 15085
  • EN-ISO 17660-1 and 2

Would you like to know more about specific standards, or would you like to have a business scan carried out?

Would you like to have your company and the current state of affairs assessed, or would you like more information about specific standards? Then please contact us.

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