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Product inspections

Independent and practical

Our inspectors are aware of the most recent developments in the field. Through training, certification and a large dose of experience with various inspection techniques, they possess the knowledge needed to carry out product inspections in accordance with the previously-determined standards and specifications. In this way, you can be sure of getting the quality you paid for. And more importantly: that your project will be a success!

Independent inspections

Do you want to be able to assess the products you purchased during and after fabrication? Then you can hire us as an independent and proactive inspection agency. In addition to the practical and theoretical implementation of the inspections, we also check the final documentation so you can be sure that everything is in good order. By carrying out inspections before, during and after the manufacture of a product, we ensure any deviations are not missed. In this way, we ensure you don’t face surprises and high repair costs.

One process, one inspection agency

We also have the right people in house for welding and coating inspections. If you combine these inspections, the entire process can be handled by a single inspection agency. In this way, you can reduce the costs of requesting quotations, invoicing, explaining work descriptions, call-out charges and more. We provide unambiguous inspection reports, and offer advice if there are shortcomings. We will send you in the right direction, to the extent that this is possible within our field. We are happy to go one step further to help you.

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