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ARC pricing

ARC Pricing

What is the cost of including your welder qualifications in ARC? Nothing! Our consultants are happy to visit you for an intake interview to explain how ARC can work to your advantage and create an account for you.

Why is this service free? Our experience is that after an overview is generated, Weldmij can offer a much cheaper alternative compared to your current system. A win-win situation can easily be created, and we would love to discuss this with you!

What’s next?

Are you already convinced? Great! We would be happy to make an appointment with you and record the status of your welder qualifications. We will then enter your welder qualifications into ARC, and you will receive your login details by email. Would you like to make an appointment or do you have any questions?

You can do this via or call +31 512 524008.

More information?

Welding Certification Department
+31 512 524 008