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Modification Walrus-class submarine

Om de levensduur van de Walrusklasse onderzeeërs met 10 jaar te verlengen, hebben de onderzeeboten onlangs een 'facelift' ondergaan. Weldmij zorgde voor de quality control (QC). Onze ervaren QC inspecteur heeft tot in de puntjes de inspectie en testplannen verzorgd voor de kwaliteitsborging van de modificatiewerkzaamheden.

Important modifications

Several important modifications were carried out to the Walrus-class submarines. For example, new foundations were installed for the equipment in the command area, and one of the two periscopes was replaced with an optronics mast. This meant the “sail” also required extensive modifications.

Our QC inspector had the important task of carrying out all technical welding and material inspections, and also supporting the implementation execution teams with practical knowledge. The critical welds recorded in the ITP were fully monitored. Inspections before, during and after welding were carried out, and the results fully documented in accordance with Navy guidelines.


The 1,400-tonne boats entered service in 1987. The expectation is that the submarines will be able to remain operational until at least 2025. In that year, a replacement for the Walrus class should enter service.

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