PQR – ISO 17660-1

Performance Qualification Record (PQR) – ISO 17660-1

Weldmij can qualify your Performance Qualification Record (PQR) according to ISO 17660-1 on all your welding processes.

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ISO 17660-1 – Scope
This part of ISO 17660 is applicable to the welding of weldable reinforcing steel and stainless reinforcing steel of load-bearing joints, in workshops or on site. It specifies requirements for materials, design and execution of welded joints, welding personnel, quality requirements, examination and testing. This part of ISO 17660 also covers welded joints between reinforcing steel bars and other steel components, such as connection devices and insert anchors, including prefabricated assemblies. Non load-bearing joints
are covered by ISO 17660-2. This part of ISO 17660 is not applicable to factory production of welding fabric and lattice girders using multiple spot welding machines or multiple projection welding machines. The requirements of this part of ISO 17660 are only applicable to static loaded structures.