Company Certification

A certificate is a written declaration that comfirms the quality of a company, person, service or product.
Companies can get a certificate from an external certification body.
Such a certificate can be a declaration that the company works according to one or more (international) standards and garanties your customer that your company complies with these standards.

Weldmij can assist you in getting the certifications. Our professional advisors help you with integrating the quality system in your company and setting up your quality manual. This gives you not only a certificate on the wall but also an improvement in the quality of your company.

We have much experience with setting up quality systems for a company certification with the list of standards at the end of this text. Ofcourse we can also assist you with other standards.

Look at ‘Quality Assurance’ for more information about specific standards and their certification or contact us for more information.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 3834
  • EN 1090
  • PED 2014/68/EU
  • ASME U/UM-stamp
  • AWS CWF (Certified Welding Fabricator)
  • DIN 2303
  • VCA */**/Petrochemical