Product inspection

Thorough inspection throughout – from semi manufactured to final product.

Weldmij can perform product inspections for you according to predetermined (legal) standards/specifications. A thorough knowledge base has been built up through training and practical experience in the various inspection techniques.

You can call on us to act as an independent inspection agency to assess products, which you have purchased, during and after manufacture. Besides the practical and theoretic inspections, we also manage final documentation. In this way, you ensure that you receive the quality which you pay for.

For an inspection to be effective, it must take place before, during and after the manufacture of the product. Possible flaws can then be overcome at an early stage, and high future repair costs avoided.

You can also call on us for weld- and conservation inspections. By combining these inspections, you can use a single inspection agency throughout the course of the project. This will result in significant savings with respect to requesting quotes, invoicing, explanation of job description, increasing tariffs, etc. We unequivocally report the inspections and provide advice regarding possible shortcomings.