ISO 3834

Quality management in the welding industry

More and more companies are realising the importance of EN-ISO 3834 certification. This certification indicates that your business is guaranteed to conform to all welding industry quality requirements. This company certification is virtually always required by defence, offshore and petrochemical clients. When working according to EN 1090-2 standards, you must be able to indicate that you conform to EN-ISO 3834 quality requirements.

The EN-ISO 3834 series of standards encompasses a fusion welding quality assurance system. This quality assurance system is supplementary with respect to the ISO 9000 series of quality systems, since ISO 9000 simply states that welding is a specialised process. What is actually meant is that quality cannot be 100% guaranteed through simply working according to approved welding procedures and with qualified co-ordination- and welding personnel.

EN-ISO 3834 is divided into three levels of quality. These are part 2: Extensive quality requirements, part 3: Standard quality requirements and part 4: Elementary quality requirements. The level selection depends on the construction’s degree of difficulty and its application. The level is determined by your client.

Weldmij advises you and guides you in acquiring EN-ISO 3834 operation certification. Weldmij performs a business scan and can, by means of a comprehensive report, indicate to you in which areas your organisation (still) does not conform to the requirements and which points require attention. Weldmij will draw up a ‘plan of approach’ for you and will accompany you in the search for relevant solutions, and in implementing the EN-ISO 3834 system into your ISO 9001:2008 quality manual. Organisations which are not EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified can also qualify for EN-ISO 3834 certification.

The average duration for attaining EN-ISO 3834-2 operation certification is approximately 2 months. This time period strongly depends on existing operation processes and the availability of the certifying authority.