EN 1090-2 (Steel / Stainless)

EN 1090-2 The construction of Steel- and Stainless steel structures.

EN 1090-2 encompasses the technical requirements for the construction of steel structures, covering the entire field of steel structures with a single standard. Distinctions between the various types of structures are now made through the introduction of four construction classes, in which the consequential losses resulting from possible failures, the nature of the loads and the degree of difficulty of constructions are determining factors. These construction classes can apply to a complete structure, to a component of a structure or even to a separate structure specification. Because these distinctions are strongly dependent on design, clients or their representatives will have to determine the construction classes, possible in conjunction with the structure’s manufacturer.

One of the changes with respect to the old ENV-1090 is that companies are obliged to conform to the quality assurance system according to EN-ISO 3834 for the welding of steel- and aluminium structures. It is not necessary to have the quality assurance system externally certified, but you must be able to prove that you meet the requirements. You can accomplish this by drawing up a quality manual (possibly linked to your ISO 9001 system) in which all requirements are expressed according to practical interpretation. Alternatively, an externally certified system can come across as more persuasive. Weldmij can support you in both cases (externally certified or not) in drawing up a quality assurance system that meets EN-ISO 3834 requirements.

In addition, it has become mandatory that, during the construction of structures in the EXC3 and EXC4 construction classes, a IWE or IWT is present within the organisation as ‘responsible welding co-ordinator’. If such a person is not employed within your organisation, it is necessary that you provide such a person by means of training or recruitment. We can provide you with an IWE and/or IWT IIW qualified welding co-ordinator who can function as a ‘responsible welding co-ordinator’ during your project. This person can handle all tasks, responsibilities and authority related to EN-ISO 14731. The TBV package will be recorded in contract form.