EN 1090-1

EN 1090-1 Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components (CE Marking)

EN 1090-1 describes the conditions that a production management process must meet in order for a manufacturer to receive certification which grants it the right to apply a CE mark to steel or aluminium components, or to construct units for load-bearing structures.

This CE mark is a declaration of conformity with which the manufacturer declares that he has supplied the product according to the specifications which he described in his declaration. Such a declaration must be accepted throughout the entire European Union, and the authorities concerned may not place any further demands on the construction of the product. EN 1090-1 indicates to which requirements the conformity declaration – linked to the CE mark – must conform, and what issues must be stipulated in this declaration.

For the technical execution of the requirements set for CE mark structures, EN 1090-1 refers, to a significant extent, to EN 1090-2 for the construction of steel structures, and to EN 1090-3 for the construction of aluminium structures. Here, the requirements for all types of structures are stipulated according to a single standard, from a simple lean-to to a large building, from a static load support beam to a dynamic load railway bridge.

EN 1090-1 does not contain any regulations governing structural design, calculations and construction. Design and calculation regulations are stipulated in the relevant sections of the Eurocode, while construction requirements are found in EN 1090-2 an EN 1090-3.

Status of EN 1090-1

Currently, EN 1090-1 is not yet in effect. This standard is not yet required for construction according to the Dutch building code. This means that you do not yet have to anticipate attaining EN 1090-1 certification.

If you prefer to be prepared for the future, Weldmij can accompany you in acquiring EN 1090-1 certification. Weldmij has developed an FPC checklist according to the standard, which will mainly be used by the certifying authorities.