In our consultancy capacity, we focus on – amongst others – advice and support to companies with questions about and/or problems with welding designs, engineering, development of Procedure Qualification Records (PQR), the drawing up of welding procedure specifications (WPS), welding connection problems, QC support activities, IIW welding co-ordination, etc.

Below, you will find references to the various areas in which we can be of service to you. In providing these services, Weldmij, just like EN-ISO 14731, distinguishes between general (IWE* ) and specialist (IWT* ) welding knowledge. This division is utilised during support, execution and invoicing. This leads to the customisation, at the right price, of the products and/or matters pertaining to you.

  • I WE – International Welding Engineer
  • I WT – International Welding Technologist