Quality management

Quality management can be regarded as a combination between three important components: quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Quality management does not only focus on product- and service provision quality; it also places special focus on the means necessary to achieve these. Thus, quality management utilises the quality assurance and quality control of products and processes to achieve more consistent quality. Quality management is especially directed towards continuous improvement.

Various industry certifications are attainable within the framework of Quality management. If your system conforms to the set standards, you can have it tested and certified externally through various institutions. If you are in possession of such business certificates, you can prove to your clients that your company conforms to the required demands.

We advise you as to how your company can achieve such certification. You can call on us for the drawing up of manuals, procedures, operation instructions, etc. In addition, we can act as external experts during initial-, grant- and internal audits.